Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital

El-Khalifa El-Maamoun Street. A private hospital affiliated with the university.


Al-Demerdash Hospital

Abbassiya. General hospital affiliated with the university.


Dar El-Shifa Hospital

Ramses extension, Ghamra. Private hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.


Abbasia Fever Hospital

Abbasia Chest Hospital. General hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.


Students’ Hospital

Abdo Pasha Square. Included in university students’ health insurance.


Weather in Egypt

The temperature in Egypt is measured in Celsius.
Make sure to wear light-colored cotton clothes most days of summer and spring, and always carry a heavy coat in winter, just in case.
The average high and low temperatures in Cairo with the probability of precipitation are:

Temperature Chance of Rain
High Law Number of Days
January 18 9 5
February 18 9 3
March 22 12 2
April 27 15 1
May 32 18 1
June 34 20 0
July 34 22 0
August 33 22 0
September 32 20 0
October 28 18 1
November 23 14 1
December 19 10 3

Official 2024 Holidays

Important note: Some holidays may not be observed and others are postponed until the weekend, so be sure to ask your faculty first.

07 January
Copitc Chrismats Day
16 June - 19 June
Eid Al-Adha
25 January
January 25th Revolution and National Police Day
30 June
June 30 Revolution
09 April - 19 April
Eid Al-Fitr
08 July
Islamic New Year
25 April
Sinai Liberation Day
23 July
The July 23 Revolution Day
05 May
Labor Day
16 September
Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (Mawlid Al-Nabi)
06 May
Sham El Nessim
06 October
Armed Forces Day
15 June
Arafat's Day


Stay connected to your family and friends!
To purchase a cellular/mobile line, there are 4 main companies:

You can find branches of each of them all over Egypt.

Services you can request include:


There are many means of transportation in Egypt. You can choose the most convenient mode of transportation for you at any time. Transportation includes the following types, and each means of transportation has a different fare:

The Metro
A Carrier
Like Uber, Careem, or Swvl.
White Taxi
A white taxi has an orange license plate, while a personal white car has a blue license plate
CTA buses or CTA minibuses:
Destinations are written on the front or side of the bus. There are a variety of these buses, with different fares – they can be colored green, blue, or a mixture of both.
White minibuses (sometimes the bottom half of the minibus is blue):
You can ask them if they will go to your destination.